Goulash Soup easy way for faster cooking

October 06, 2017

500 gr. Beef
350 gr. Bow
five teeth Garlic
4 things. Potatoes
1 Carrots
2 pcs. Bulgarian pepper
40 gr. Paprika
1 PC. A tomato
3 tablespoons Tomato paste
1 Chili pepper stew
30 gr. Coriander

For traditional goulash, pork meat, many spices and spices are used, thanks to this soup has a piquant and original taste. If you do not add a lot of water, then this soup is already perfect as a second hearty dish with a rich taste.

1 step

We clean onion, finely cut and put into a warmed pan with vegetable oil. Onion fry until golden-colored, stirring constantly.

2 step

We brush garlic, finely chopped and added to a pan with onions, add spices and mix.

3 step

We rinse the meat, cut into cubes and also put it onions to fry. Then, with a closed lid, simmer the melted fire for one and a half hours. If the meat dries, then add water.

4 step

After the meat is almost extinguished, add the diced tomato and add the tomato paste.

5 step

Carrots and potatoes cut into cubes are adding to our soup

6 step

Pour a couple of glasses of hot water, add salt, spices and a small chopped chilli pepper.

Add the diced Bulgarian pepper. Seeds of it pre-removed. And stew for 10 more minutes.

7 step

Pour goulash on plates and decorate with greens. Bon Appetit!

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