These 10 things you have to understand before you are 40

August 07, 2017

One woman decided to share her thoughts on the blog - she said, in the last ten years, at the age of 40 to 50 she learned much more valuable lessons than in the whole previous life. I would like to know all this much earlier ...

These 10 things, read them and live your life the way you really want. And do not forget - the rest of life begins right NOW.

1. Cherish your parents.

We know that no one lives forever, but it's still difficult to realize that our parents will not always be around.

Tell your parents how you love them, because you will not always have the opportunity to do it. We do not know when the time will come to say goodbye, so tell your parents, sincerely and often, how much they mean to you.

2. Accept the inevitability of aging.

Just as some refuse to realize death, some of us can not imagine what they will (and will look like) old.

There will come a day when you look in the mirror and say: "Who the hell is this ?!"

Educate self-esteem that does not depend on your appearance, and surround yourself with people who value your personality and character, and not the body into which they are imprisoned.

3. Find your goal and live for it.

Decide what's really important to you, what fills you the most, and start going for it right now.

It may not be easy to find your goal, but you will definitely feel the difference between a life of joy and a life of regret.

4. Save money for retirement.

It is very important to create an economy model at an early age. Start early to save, and your savings will last longer and grow.

If you wait until you get older, you may have to worsen your lifestyle and work longer, just to have enough money after retirement.

5. Do the work you love.

Most of us spend most of the days, weeks, and lives at work. It's too much time to devote to what you are not passionate about.
Money is important, but happiness is more important. Being enthusiastic is the first step to achieving success in something. And the equivalent of this success is money.
Start now. This simple solution will make you feel lighter, happier, and more active.

6. Accept yourself without condemnation.

Condemnation causes unnecessary suffering and paralyzing fear. In this state it is impossible to take responsibility for one's life.
Accepting yourself unconditionally, you give yourself permission to make a choice, in which you are sure.

7. Take control of your experience.

Passivity allows your life to follow a course that you did not choose. Regularly check yourself to make sure that you live the life you want. This makes it possible to make changes to those areas that do not satisfy you.  You can not afford to spend even a second of your time on the ground, not doing what you want.

8. Understand that love does not always last forever.

It's painful, but it's true. Even the best relationships change and develop. Marriage can fail, friendship can die, and love can disappear.  As long as you are alive, you grow, and sometimes it means growth apart from those you love. All relationships are important and serve a purpose, even if they do not last forever.

9. Resign yourself to the fact that you do not like everyone. (And this is normal).

Do not waste your time trying to please everyone. There is always someone who for some reason does not love you. Let go of the situation! It is better to spend your energy on other things.

10. Make a list of your desires.

It's easy to get bogged down in daily routine work, without the time to live for real.

Make a list of everything that you have ever wanted to experience in your life, and really do these things. One after another.

So you will spend your life on what makes you happy.

Do you have what you would like to know or do before? Tell us in the comments!

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