Myths and reality - about micropigmentation without modesty

Permanent makeup is a relatively new technique in the cosmetic procedures market, and therefore it is common to associate a large number of misconceptions with it. We suggest that you dispel the most common myths about permanent make-up.

▪ Myth 1. Microblading and tattooing are "twin brothers".

Rather, they are close relatives. Of course, the mechanism of introducing the dye into the skin is similar to the process of tattooing. When performing tattooing, as with tattooing, the integrity of the skin is broken, and then the pigment is injected into the "wound", resulting in stable lines. But when the tattoo is applied, the cover is not deep enough (no more than 1 mm), so the lines are more elegant and soft.

Tattooing is a relatively painless procedure, unlike tattooing, since the skin on the body is much less sensitive than on the face. The increased sensitivity of the facial skin is caused by the accumulation of reflex zones located around vital sensory organs on it, so tattooing is performed using anesthesia.

▪ Myth 2. In addition to tattooing, there is also contour make-up and micropigmentation.

In fact, both micropigmentation, and tattoo, and contour make-up are one and the same. Different names do not change the essence of the procedure, which in international practice is called "permanent make-up." In speech use it is convenient to use the capacious word "tattoo".

▪ Myth 3. The strength of Microblading is 5-7 years.

Such durability of the dye in the skin of the face is extremely rare. At the dawn of the development of the permanent make-up industry, the masters used tattoo paints, in which the concentration of the coloring drug is four times higher than in the color pigments intended only for tattooing. But the modern manufacturers of pigments for permanent make-up work under the motto: "The dye should not remain in the skin of the face for more than 3 years, because the client can become mentally tired from the form and color, and the fashion - to change."

In the composition of paints for the last generation tattoo, more organic components, thanks to which you can get a lot of the finest natural shades. They include color stabilizers, such dyes are not aggressive and hypoallergenic. But the vegetable components of the paint are not so durable. In addition, the rate of destruction of the pigment depends on the speed of metabolic processes in the skin - on the face it is updated several dozen times faster than on the body. The face area is more often exposed to sunlight, which contributes to the faster destruction of the pigment. As a result, tattooing is held on the face skin from year to 5 years.

▪ Myth 4. Microblading is an alternative to make-up.

Not always. Tattoo is indispensable in a hot climate; during and after taking water procedures; when playing sports, with allergies to decorative cosmetics.

The presence of lips, eyebrows or eyes, tinted and decorated with tattooing, will speed up the process of daily morning make-up, but tattooing can not replace the evening make-up, which requires a rich texture and bright accents, where decorative cosmetics play a major role.

▪ Myth 5. Permanent makeup is quick and easy.

It's not easy at all. The procedure of Permanent makeup  lasts on average from 1.5 to 2 hours, because includes:
- preliminary discussion of form and color;
- anesthesia;
- sketch execution;
- Implantation of coloring pigment;
- Care and recommendations.

Each of the stages of work is very important. For example, the importance of the first stage is determined by the fact that the sensitivity of the master and the ability to listen depends on the degree of understanding of the needs and wishes of the client, and therefore, is a result satisfying both sides.

The Permanent makeup master should have developed psychological skills, have extensive knowledge in the field of physiology and medicine, have intuition, have advanced aesthetic skills, be modern and have a "firm hand". But the most important thing in the work of a master of tattooing is a sufficient experience and complete dedication. 

Irena Pankova