How to Design a Landing Page

August 02, 2017

Landing Page -  built in such a way as to ensure the collection of contacts of the maximum number of target visitors and the maximum conversion in the context of its use.

When developing landing pages, you can face two main problems that can lead a developer into a stupor or seriously affect the final result not for the better. The first problem is stupid "selling" content. The second problem is poor design. Very rare there are landing pages that have good content and look decent.

So we will learn how to create high-quality and beautiful landing pages.

Contents of Landing Page

Text is everything

First of all, you need to write a text. Just write the text, open Word and write the text. The text of the title, the text of the sentence, the text of the reviews. The problem for many, even experienced web designers is that they begin their work with the Photoshop window, not the text. You need to pull yourself together, have patience and do everything in order, if you want to make a really good landing page, and not produce another dull creation, which is not only that does not fulfill its function and is not an instrument in principle, but still, As a bonus, negatively affects your overall well-being and causes frustration from your own incompetence when you hand over the project to the client.

Landing page title

The first thing you need to understand is that the landing page is created not for natural search results, but for advertising, for a specific request or queries for which the corresponding position or place on the site will be purchased. And here a lot of web designers start to creep in full. They start to invent some strange headlines, like - "You turned to the address", "We are the best in our business", "We are so cool that we do not even need to write about what we are doing."

Do you understand what the error is? If the user typed "Vacuum Cleaners iRobot Roomba in Riga" in the search line, then he is deeply violet about who you are, how cool you are and how old you are on the market. He wants to see iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners and be able to buy them in Riga. The more accurate the headline corresponds to the search query, the better your landing page.

You can strengthen the title with the words "The best, fastest, most powerful", etc. As a result, something like "Intelligent robots vacuum cleaners iRobot Roomba in Riga" should turn out. Do not hesitate, this really works.

Less water in the text

Here lies a very jaded, not always obvious and, at the same time, serious mistake. Water. The user feels the water, he reads the text until it starts to very vomitly vomit from your text. And even if there was no text, but there was only a bright picture of the vacuum cleaner in the title with the price and the button "Order" - then 50 out of 100, maybe they would have bought this vacuum cleaner. But thanks to your text and attempts in the writings to which you killed half a day - the target audience runs all the way with the sickening urge towards the mountain page and its author, in particular.

How to get rid of water? Reinforce every statement with FACTS, FIGURES and GRAPHICS. No need to write "We have many satisfied customers", write how many satisfied customers, detail and segment customers. So many women got a vacuum cleaner, so many bachelors were satisfied with the miracle device, so many hours this vacuum cleaner saved time, worked for so many hours. Reinforce every statement with numbers or do not make statements at all, in order to save the visitor from the desire to embrace a white friend.

Do not lie

If you are the designer of the landing page, you have a serious responsibility, you must make sure that all information is accurate. Very often the client does not understand what horrible consequences fraud and unreliable information can lead to and is happily on the sidelines of an incompetent marketer, or even suggests placing such information on the page. All the secret becomes clear, do not forget about it. Find the benefits that really exist, beat them and present them beautifully. 


Write in the document a list of the benefits that a potential buyer will receive by ordering a service or product on the landing page and make a brief description of each benefit. This is the only place where you need to think seriously and analyze all possible benefits.

Analyze the real benefits, not just those that the seller sees. His evaluation for obvious reasons may not be objective and look pretty silly in the eyes of the real buyer. Although this does not happen often and it is necessary to listen to the customer, since he worked with the product for quite a long time and can supply you with the necessary information. Analyze.

Try as much as possible to design benefits in design. Do not hesitate to use infographics, characters, interesting visual design, markers. Work on this. In the layout, add the animation.

Point out that a product or service is a novelty

Yes, however it may sound strange, but the target audience is very much placed to such a statement. The words "New", "Novelty", "Modern", "Fresh" magically affect the conversion of the landing page very positively.  In general - don't be shy!

Post  REAL reviews

Use only real reviews, with real photos. Tense the customer to communicate with their best customers, it's not as difficult as it seems, but as a result you will be proud of your quality work.

Money Back Guarantee

The money-back guarantee at times increases the trust in the seller and helps the visitor of the landing page to simply part with their money. Be sure to do this microsection on the landing page, prepare the appropriate text for it in a text editor for quick design. It is also desirable to use a seal or visual component, an icon next to the warranty text. Such an element will enhance the perception effect.

Visualization - Design 

Product in action

The product image in the header or on the first screen is everything. If you understand all the folly of writing empty texts that are not backed up by facts, then take this time to create a bright and colorful picture of the product in the cap. Give it enough time. Experiment, improve the product or service in Photoshop until you get a great result.

Call-to-action button on the initial screen

There is nothing complicated - place the call-to-action button ("Order vacuum cleaner") on the first screen. This, of course, does not mean that you should not place this element anywhere else, just try to make sure that the visitor visiting the site saw an opportunity to purchase a product or order a service immediately.

Do not forget to duplicate the call-to-action button throughout the entire page, but do it correctly. It will be pretty stupid to look this button in each section, after each element.

Forget about Popunder

Forget about popunder, which pop up regardless of the will of the user. Unfortunately, this relic of the development of the industry still sometimes occurs. If in the first days you can notice some growth in applications, then after a while you will have an extremely negative impression of the audience. If you intend to work on the market for a long time and fruitfully - do not use the podanders.

It's not about pop-up forms that appear when you click on the call-to-action buttons, the buttons that the user clicks on. The controlled pop-up forms work quite well and do not irritate the visitor.

Do not make many fields in forms

All that is needed for the landing page is to collect the contact and send it to the manager for processing. Do not add extra fields to the feedback forms. Name, phone. Perhaps, E-mail, according to the situation. But not more.

Do not hesitate to show people, addresses and phone numbers

Trite, but a person, if he sees on the landing page - a map, phone or photos of employees, then subconsciously he already trusts the project. I very often have to convince customers not to hesitate to show the faces of the organization, addresses and telephones.

On the landing page must be photos of managers, phones and real contacts. A card is required if the firm has a permanent address.

Place the logos of famous brands

If the company for which you are developing the landing page, somehow worked with well-known brands, used the services, the technique - be sure to make a listing at the bottom of the page. Usually such section is called "Our partners".

So, we have considered the key points that must be taken into account when developing Landing Page.

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