Home made Cheesecakes grmom's recipe

August 03, 2017

When you can't find what do make something quick, this recipe of Cheesecake from GrMa wiill help you a lot

You just need
400-500 gr of Cheese
1 egg
flour 5- 7 spoons or so
0.5 glass of Sugar,
300 ml of milk

Mix all ingredients and  divide the dough for cheese cake into balls, sculpt flat cakes, roll them in flour and fry in butter 3-5 mins no more

Place them all in saucepan add a bit of flour, milk, sugar - 3-5 spoons on the top to make sweet sause
Bring the milk to a boil a bit... 1-2 mins

This Cheesecase adore my kid , try also you  

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