With a baby on the beach? -Main rules for the 1st time with a baby

July 28, 2017

Now it's a season for the beach and if you go with your kid for the 1st time ever read my lifehack how the best to go and keep your id healthy and well.

 Take a Sun protection !!! Maximum protection you can ever get for the skin of your kid in any farmacy :)

Wear :
Take a boy with a long sleeves, better if you take two! if one will be wet, you can change it.
Panties - insted of pampers- your kid will be happy to feel free :) and it will ptotect your kid from the sand. better if you take 2-3 pairs! Don't let your kid to be wet for a long time. 
HAT! - cover his/her head!
If your kid hate hats- use bandana

Don't let your kid to stay for long under the sun. You can get a beach umbrella with you of stay on the place where you can stay in  a shadow.

Take toys, but for the beach as such

Don't take too many! as with a stroller, not easy to get on the beach... it might be extra weight for you

Visit the beach the best is a morning hours and evening after 4 P.M.

But if you stay in a shadow - you can be full day long

Take Towels- if you baby will decide to sleep, you can place her/ him in a stroller and cover from the wind and sun.

Take something to eat - if your baby already eating bananas, take some fruits, water! juice, they love to drink a lot during the summer time.

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