That's what you can not do on your Birthday!

July 30, 2017

Everyone knows the folk sign that as you will celebrate the new year, you will spend it the same way. But it turns out, this belief relates to the birthday. It is at this time that your personal program is being bookmarked for the coming year.

What should you do on your birthday

Having woken up on your birthday, tune in to good - so you will become as open as possible to fuel the positive energy that the Higher Forces send on that day to the birthday person. It has great potential, the ability to repair a damaged energy envelope. A good mood on this day is even capable of removing from you the evil eye!

Conflicts, despondency, aggression are unacceptable. Negative emotions will block the flow of clean energy, and you will become especially vulnerable to black magic and energy vampires. Think only of the good, abstract from the problems. What will you project on your birthday for your life, then you will attract.

Before your birthday, get new clothes and linen for the celebration. Even if you do not gather guests, all dress up early and celebrate yourself at least symbolically! Do not wear old worn things - scare away luck. In the pocket of the outfit, put the money (if there are no pockets, sew it from the wrong side) - so that they are all year. And do not dress up until the end of the celebration, even if you get dirty!

Should not do on your birthday.

Separately, we need to talk about what the birthday person should not do on your  birthday.

  • You can not celebrate a birthday in advance - it is believed that by this you are shortening your life.
  • Do not take a day before the birthday and in the holiday itself in debt (do not even ask salt for a neighbor, let alone money!). Otherwise, the whole year you will be pursued by financial problems, troubles, turmoil and conflicts at work.
  • Do not give alms and do not give anyone a loan on your birthday - hand out luck and prosperity for the coming year.
  • If possible, refrain from communicating with the non-adherents - there is a high risk of overtaking other people's sores. If this can not be avoided, put a silver product (any) in your pocket - it will strengthen your energy field, which opposes diseases.
  • People you invite on your birthday also have an impact on your next year. At the celebration there should not be 9, 13, 18, 51, 21, 99 or 100 guests. It is believed that such a number calls on the birthday person trouble.
  • The same applies to the number of candles on the festive table and cake. If your age coincides with one of the above figures, you can get out of the situation by buying candles in the form of these figures or completely abandoning the candles.
  • On the day of birth, the barrier between you and the subtle world and you is thinning, therefore you become especially receptive to both good and bad. Therefore, do not invite people with whom you do not have a very warm relationship, those whose intentions you doubt.
  • If someone broke the dishes on his birthday, I must say: "For luck!". Throwing shards can only be the next day - to not take out of the house good luck. The same applies to the removal of garbage - it is better to postpone it until the next morning.

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