Manicure Ideas for summer 2017

July 30, 2017

Looking for ideal manicure for Summer 2017?  As for the color range of spring-summer 2017, the traditional pastel shades are leading unconditionally. But for those who want to create a more creative image, there are also many options. In principle, if the main part of the nail plate is covered with a clear or close to the color of the skin varnish, then the smile can be any color, from tender pink, mint or lilac, to dark blue, wine or black. By the way, you can use not only a monochrome smile, but also to select each finger in a separate color. If the plate is made in any other color, then the color of the smile should be chosen so that it looks harmonious. By the way, an excellent option may be a reception that uses the same shade, but the smile is glossy, and the entire nail is matte. Particularly well such a manicure will look, if you perform it in a juicy deep color.

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