Advices for Travel

July 29, 2017

Before you go in other country, keep these rules for you, just in case


1 Rename some of your contacts into the language of the country whoch you plan to visit, it will be much easier to find your father or mother in emergency case.

2 Make a Annual Insurance,  including all countries, and stay up to 90 days

3 Make all Scan of your documents, and upload into Google drive , in case you lose your original documents you will have copies online.

4 Take with you 3-5 banking cards and keep them in different places, if you lose one, or someone srab you, you may have  chanse to transfer the money abroad.

5 If you want that noone touch you, just remember in the language of the country where you go " I'm here for work " - and all will lose interest in you.

6 If you rent a car- make photos on your phone of each damage and scratches while yo are with the car owner

7   Take with you External battery for your phone, in emergency case, your phone will be charged.


1 Almost all museums in the world , has free days for visits, save the dates in your phone and visit museums and attractions for free

2 if you have transit through Istanbul or Singapore, don't forget for free esxursions , you can visit places while you wait your next plane.

3 The best app for travel - TRIPOSO

4 Get up at sunrise , such way you can visit main attractions without screams of Kids and talks of the guides

5 Buy excursions online, such way you will save at least 10% from the price


1 The cheapest cities in Europe  - Bucharest, Belgrade, Budapest, Riga,  Istanbul, Warsaw, Kiev

2 Accommodation on 2-3 line from the beach cost much less than accommodation next to the sea

3  If you have apartment or house, you can lease your home while you travel via Airbnb , you will receve payment on your card in USD


Buy air cushion - it won't tale much space, but your trips will be much more comfrtable

In Supermarkets of USA, Thailand and Hong Kong, You can buy Delicatessens with 50%  discount for Perishable products

Take with you things, that  you do not mind throwing it away, as in a new country you will buy something new and you can replace things from old to new, your back will thank you.

Use Groupon- he is exist in 40 countries of the world

All Currencies  of the world you can find in app Currency   very convenient to undertand the prices of the country

Create a blog- of facebook page, where you can post your experience and you can make money on.

Use Clashot- you can make monet with your photos on the phone

If you have any other practical advise- share with us :)

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