16 Simple and Budgetary Ways to Feel Luxuriously

July 29, 2017

Sometimes to enjoy life, is  not necessarily spend a lot. Sometimes it is enough to drink a cup of good tea or wrap yourself in a cozy robe to feel at the top of bliss.

1. Sleep on quality bedding

Sleep takes a third of our lives, so it's worth making it as comfortable as possible. The simplest solution is to buy sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers made of natural fabrics. Many models are inexpensive, and while you will experience bliss, every time going to bed.

2. Take a bath before going to bed

This is a great way to relax and free the mind from the accumulated problems. Allocating time for such a ritual, you prove daily your own worth. Well, get clean, of course.

3. Choose good bathroom accessories.

To make the previous point even more pleasant, get soft bath towels, a bathrobe and slippers. However, after a shower with them you will feel royal.

4. Prepare coffee in the press

A good morning starts with good coffee. To cook it, you do not need to spend money on a coffee machine or watch a Turk - you can simply brew ground grains in a French press. This drink is clearly better than instant coffee. Some believe that it is even more delicious than coffee, cooked in a traditional way.


5. Buy toilet paper more expensive

Costs are minimal. The advantages are obvious.

6. Get a hammock

If you have a place where you can hang a hammock, be sure to buy it (and hang up). The investment is small and long-term: just imagine how many summer evenings you will spend, rocking and filling with tranquility.

7. Stock up with woolen socks

Even wet wool keeps your feet dry and comfortable. Cotton does not know how. Therefore, in the rainy season and snowfalls - only woolen socks.

8. Buy a quality flavor for the car

Forget the vicious "Christmas tree". By paying a little more, you will get an air freshener with a nice unobtrusive odor that is attached to the dashboard or under the seat. With him, it is easier to breathe (and to live).

9. Subscribe to the streaming services

A few dollars - and you do not need to comb torrents and pirate sites: a huge catalog with serials, movies and music is always at hand.

10. Take care of cooking

Learn a few simple recipes for delicious dishes, and you can feel at home in a restaurant.

11. Make a pedicure

The pedicure gives that most pleasant sensation, as if at you heels as at the baby. And yes, the procedure is not only for women - men too can safely go to the salon.

12. Buy gel insoles

Gel insoles are another way to please yourself and your legs. They reduce fatigue in running and walking, reduce the load on the foot and help the foot not to slide in the shoes.

13. Buy expensive ice cream

If you want to treat yourself to ice cream, choose the best. Let it be a little, even for the same money you can take half a kilo of cheap, but the point is to please yourself.

14. Discard the tea bags

Quality tea weighted in recounting is often cheaper than packaged tea. In addition, it is tastier and more useful.

15. Make house plants

A pair of flowers on the windowsill pleases the eye and automatically makes the house cozier.

16. Buy Earplugs

A sensitive sleep or noisy neighbors - it does not matter: these little friends will cope with any problem. Tuck in a few pairs, and every night you'll sleep peacefully.

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