The child grew up: where to put unnecessary children's clothes?

April 24, 2017

In anticipation of their miracle, many mothers are stocked with dowries, sometimes not observing the sense of proportion. As a result, in the locker, the baby's piles of baby clothes are growing every month, many of which become small, never having been on the body of the little girl once. Old unnecessary things occupy too much space on the shelves, without bringing with it absolutely no interest. What to do with these nice things, if you simply throw out such an "inheritance" is a pity? There are several options: to sell, donate, exchange, give, give to friends and friends who are waiting for the baby or to remake.

We release the children's closet: where to put unnecessary clothes
In order not to create large heaps of unnecessary things, it is worthwhile to periodically look at children's clothes and shoes in the wardrobe. If you do not have acquaintances or relatives with children of suitable age who will gladly accept these surplus gifts, then below we can consider in more detail the methods of getting rid of useless children's clothes.

Sale of unnecessary children's clothing
New clothes and one that was almost not in use can be tried. Many mothers manage to sell not only new children's clothes, but also the one that was often worn. The clothing markets and flea markets are a rare phenomenon these days, but they still exist. If you have time to wait patiently for the customer, you can go with your goods there. The demand for such products is always available to the poor. If you are a sufficiently persistent person, have a lot of free time and the opportunity to leave your baby, then you can try to sell your product in this way.

For less patient and plodding parents, there is the option of putting unnecessary children's things into commission stores and second-hand clothes. But according to the terms of the shops, you can get money for your goods only after selling things.

For more adventurous and modern parents there are sites for posting ads about selling unnecessary things on the Internet. These services help sell the product remotely, without leaving home and at the right time for both parties concerned.

n addition, do not forget to offer to buy children's clothes used to neighbors or friends in kindergarten.

Usually, first of all, the top children's clothing is sold, and especially if it is branded or simply of high quality. Also, new products or those that have visited the household several times are in great demand. Torn or too polluted things should not be offered to potential buyers. As a rule, second-hand things of average status are estimated at 50% of their total value. If the item looks like new, its price can be raised to 80%. When placing an announcement about the sale of children's clothing that has been in use, be sure to include the following information:

  • Reason for sale.
  • Disadvantages and advantages of the goods.
  • An adequate cost, which in your opinion corresponds to the appearance and general condition of the shabby goods.
  • Specify the size, material and name of the manufacturer.
  • Attach high-quality photos (make a note if the picture is distorted color). If there are any defects on the clothes, be sure to indicate this in the description.

Thus, you will not only get rid of unnecessary trash, but also earn some money, for which you can buy new, more suitable clothes or your favorite toy of the baby. Before you post an advertisement to a particular resource, offer your product to neighbors, co-workers or familiar mummies in kindergarten. Remember that when selling clothes, you make a profitable manipulation not only for yourself, but for a person who buys clothes at a price much lower than the market price.

Donate to charity
If you are not an avid businessman and do not have an entrepreneurial mindset, try yourself in charity. This version of getting rid of a worn child's apparel is much more generous. Children's things can be given to those who really need them. Before disposing of clothes in this way, pay attention to the fact that the sacrificial thing had a decent appearance: it was clean, without the presence of hard-to-remove stains and holes, did not have traces of moth involvement, included all necessary fittings and the like (sew tattered buttons and replace Broken zips).
After you have prepared the right things, go to societies doing good work professionally

Churches, Special Schools, Charitable organizations, various rehabilitation centers, humanitarian aid,
In addition to these methods, you can also put them in a separate box or package, close tightly, write on it, for example "clothes for a boy 2-3 years old", and leave it near the entrance or on the bench. In any case, there are people who are interested in the contents of this package. In addition, in any city there are hostels and small families, where people who need additional material assistance live.

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