How to make a clickable phone number on the site

When creating a Landing Page - this is especially important, since we must do everything to make the target audience comfortable and easy to perform important actions for us.

One such usability element is the clickable phone number, when a person does not need to copy it, but simply click and it will open in the call interface on the mobile phone.

In fact, everything is very simple

you can make it in these ways 

<a href="tel:00780950000000"> 00780950000000 </a> 

<a href="tel:+00780950000000"> Call us </a>

If you have a separate mobile version of the site. Just wanted to show that the anchor of the link does not have to be a phone number.

Of course, the link does not have to be textual. You can use any picture or icon. Try it yourself, it's very convenient. But if everything is so simple, then why do not you still use it?

Irena Pankova