How to get to know that your child will speak soon?

April 24, 2017

Every family are waiting for their kid to talk and always causes trembling feelings in parents...
At first he just cries and groans, but soon begins to train vowels and pronounce whole syllables. To the baby in the future spoke correctly, he needs to be constantly engaged, paying attention to all the changes in his babble. Then parents in the future just do not have to turn to speech therapists.

The first month is crying and groaning. In these simple ways, the kid tells his parents about wet diapers, that he is cold, hot, hurts (colic, earache with inflammation, clogged nose), you want to eat or drink.

The second and third months are the first sounds. Two-month-old kids are already trying to pronounce the vowels "a", "o", "e". Some train and consonants "m", "b", "n", close to the mechanism of sucking. The kid realizes that he can make sounds, and gradually begins to monitor these actions.

The fourth month is the pronunciation of syllables. By four months, the carapace develops so much that it says syllables, which are also called "children's babble". From this moment there is little time until the first word of the baby. He will say it as soon as he learns to pronounce the basic sounds and syllables.

In the process of development, all children copy adults. Toddlers imitate Mom's gait, repeat her favorite words and whole phrases. This is their way of learning and understanding the world around them. If you distort words and distort intonations, the child will start to imitate you. As a result, he will have speech defects, which will have to be eliminated with the help of a speech therapist. So do not distort words, pronounce them correctly.

Try to ensure that your speech was, if not exemplary speech by artists of the academic theater or broadcasters of television and radio, then at least fairly correct phonetically and not clogged with words-weeds. It is important to monitor the correct pronunciation and absence of words-parasites. Follow these rules, and the baby's first words will not take long.

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