Which CMS is better for Landing Page?

March 15, 2017

There are many companies who offer landing page constructors, You can use them , but I bet you will over pay for such landing as they count monthly and you have limited options for landing page, in the next articles I will give your own reviews about.

There are available some cms which don't use any database -  which is good in a security matters, nobody will be able to hack your website
There are few that I Like

Pico http://picocms.org

Pico uses a lightweight markup language (Markdown), which allows you to edit the site in any text editor. Twig templates are used for this. In the archive with the engine is attached a brief instruction for a quick start. There is a small database of plug-ins for basic needs, if they are not enough, you can write your own.

License: Free for private and commercial use.
They have a nice collection of templates which you can use

Kirby  - https://getkirby.com

Has a control panel. You can have several users with different rights. Has its own API on jQuery, which allows you to refine the missing functionality. Extensive database of plugins. Well, markdown Markdown.

License: $ 19 for non-commercial use per site, and $ 99 for commercial. The local machine can be put free of charge for inspection.

Get Simple -http://get-simple.info

There are:
- Admin panel.
- Ability to backup the system from the control panel.
- Not a bad wiki with step-by-step descriptions.
- A live forum, though in English.
A lot of plug-ins and ready-made themes.

License: Free for private and commercial use.

Those are basic cms for Landing pages, but personaly me I use Wordpress if there need a shop or catalogue,  or can  make simply on html, php, js handmade , which is better, or also very good one is MODX  Revolution.

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