10 the best ever Rules for women

March 31, 2017

1 Most importantly, once and for all UNDERSTAND!  a prince on a white horse is pure fiction. No one is obliged to make you happy and save from all the vicissitudes of fate. Over time, the man simply tired of dragging this heavy suitcase of your whining and complaints about life. To avoid the sad fate of an abandoned suitcase, you should concentrate not on finding a man, but on realizing your own dream.

2 When they say to me: "Iry, you're stupid," I answer: "Yes, I agree." And I go myself and do what I think is necessary. They drove into me - I missed and went to do it. Never prove anything. It is not necessary to measure anything. Especially in the men's team. This is not going to end well with anything

3  To build a harmonious relationship with anyone, you must first find harmony with yourself and love yourself.

4 A woman who is able to harmoniously develop and combine the feminine and masculine principles, which uses everything that is in the world, for her self-realization, becomes a unique woman. This was, for example, Coco Chanel. And if you wish, this can become everyone you wish!

5 Learn all the time, get new information. This is insurance, the base that will help you survive in the most difficult times

6 When  you a man you need to be able to clearly tell, and then turn into a fool. And it is important to go from one state to another in an unexpected and very diplomatic manner. The man is immensely shy, he is always afraid of something. The woman is too rich, too poor, too beautiful, or vice versa. Therefore, it is necessary to become unpredictable, to build communication with ease and humor.

7 Money in the achievement of success is in second place. You need just enough money to realize your ideas. And not to wake up every day with the thought: God, I hate this job, but I will die of hunger, if I do not do it

8 Do not be afraid of despair. Drop to the very bottom. I went to the country, lay a week in bed, did not communicate with anyone. I told myself that I'm terrible, I'm a loser, and all in that spirit. I felt sorry for myself, and I even began to like being unhappy. But at some point the body is bored, and he says: but life continues! I'm not dead, the sun is shining. All is well! And you get up and go on.

9 Fate is like a lion. If you are afraid, she will attack you, and if this fear does not exist, she will turn where you want.

10 - Love while your are young , love while your body and sould is young! When you 'll be old, only your eyes will be able to love

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