6 ways to make your balcony the best relaxing zone at home

March 17, 2017

Get rid of junk , free your space 

As a rule, the main problem of the balcony is not even in size, but in that, it is used as a cemetery of forgotten things. So the first step is to make an audit and part with broken grandfather skis, boxes of household appliances and other things that are just too lazy to take out in the trash.

Visually expand the space

Bright color scale, mirror, and glossy surfaces visually increase space. Add them to the design, and the balcony will not seem so tiny.

About furniture: choose it wisely

For the balcony will ideally go folding or multifunctional furniture. The first can be folded and immediately free up space, besides, it usually does not look cumbersome. The second, for example, seats with storage space, greatly simplifies your life and also saves precious centimeters.

Use the window sill

It can be turned into a bar rack or an additional shelf.

Add coziness

The balcony often looks uninhabited precisely because it is deprived of banal decor elements. Add lighting (lamps, garlands, candles), fresh flowers, carpets, pillows, paintings - and space will immediately start playing with new colors.

Make a balcony continuation of the apartment

The balcony can be combined with a kitchen, bedroom or living room. If there is a possibility, then the wall separating them can be demolished or shortened and add a few square meters to the room. But even if the wall can not be removed, the balcony can be a logical continuation of the room.

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