What you really need before your kid arrive!

February 20, 2017

Here we share with you what you really need before you kid arrives in this world, for you easier life at home…


this smart thing is really needed if you plan to feed your baby at nights and if you plan to sleep with your baby in e same bed, as babynest will not let you fall on your baby while you sleep.

Baby Stroller

If you choose a stroller, choose not heavy one! or don’t buy too expensive as there are one super amazing baby stroller Babyzen YoYo, you can buy in France or get analog in China, which is only 5.8 kilos, easy to pack and care

Baby envelope

If you live in a cold country, you just need it for winter time.

Rompers Transformer

Be sure you baby feel warm and comfortable at the cold time of the year.

Safety 1 Baby Care

Very useful for any kid, to cut nails, brush hairs and much much more in such kits

Baby Notebook

You won’t remember many things in year, so you will need to record all important dates and steps of your baby, 1st words, 1st teeth, 1st smile…

Baby 1st Year Photo Frame

Find much nice for your style on Ebay

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