TOP 10 things to do while you are pregnant!

February 20, 2017

Every woman wait for such amazing time as pregnancy, while you are waiting for the biggest love in life, We share with you what you must do before your baby arrive!
Here is TOP 10 THINGS for pregnant

Take a course– of any profession- learn a new language, take a course of massage therapist, any beauty artist – you have more free time for you and you can make it busy with courses – While you will stay with a baby at home, you will be able to work from home and be independent.

Update your apartment! – Make your place nice and cozy for a baby arrival, Prepare for a prenatal hospital find what you will need before baby born,
Find useful blogs for new moms and subscribe to be prepared to make new things for you.

Go to Yoga for pregnant and stay in a good mood and shape. Find not too far from your place and not very expensive, now you can’t spend as before, as you must think for both of you.

Make a photo session for your memories – for photo session you will need a nice dress, makeup – and good photographer… if you know some, even better. Go together with your husband, as kids love to see parents together.

Go for a trip - better with your partner, mom, friend... 
Make a lot of photos, get new impressions and try best food you like, don't forget to sleep a lot, try to enjoy your time

Find the best Youtube channels to subscribe while you are pregnant, to see how your kids grows inside of you.

Go for Shopping- get stylish dresses for pregnacy , specially last 2 months, It must not be shops for pregant, just bigger size , You must look perfect! and don't forget to get something cute for your baby.

Open a deposit account for your kid
– place there each month 10% from your income for any needs in the future.

Open a deposit for your new home – place 20 % or more % from your income only for your new home with a baby, even if you are living with a husband now, nobody knows what future will present us.

Start your business if you still have! to be sure you can pay all bill and make online orders for your baby, as often you won't be able to go out anytime you need :)

Find also how to prepage for your baby in a small budget 

And stop to worry! You will be a perfect mom!

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