Preparations to the prenatal hospital – Baby checklist

February 20, 2017

You are still waiting for your dearest one, and you have no idea from where to start, what to get and prepare to a prenatal hospital. We are all the same and have no idea what is needed.

You can find a list of stuff in the hospital, but this checklist will help you have an Idea what you will need 100% even after hospital at home

Better if you get by 3 sets, as such way you can save a lot of money,

1 Body suits with short and long sleeves for evening
take 6 of them ( 2 packs)
2 Sleeping body for babies – at least 6
3 Gloves – anti-scratch and baby’s bootees
4 Socks – min 3
5 Hats for newborn at least 3
6 Bottles Avent – we recommend you they are the best quality
at the very beginning, you will need smallest ones
7 Diapers – Pampers #2 premium care for newborn, don’t take #1 as can too small
8 Flannel and cotton diapers for newborns – at least 4-6 for the hospital
9 Blanket for newborn you can buy on Etsy very nice blanket
10 – And if your country practicing festive discharge from hospital – special baby set
11- Hygiene for baby
Baby Oil, baby wipes, eye drops ( I don’t know why we need, but doctors say just in case) better if you check in your hospital, baby soap, Cotton buds with a stop – They are convenient to lubricate the umbilical wound, clean the nose and ears. thermometer, to check the temperature of a baby, Scissors for trimming nails – you can have the safety 1st look also list of TOP things you will need to buy before baby born

That's all what you may need in the hospital 1st days

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