On the ZERO- what business to start if you have no money and knowledge?

February 20, 2017

What to do if you want to start your business, but you have no even idea what to do and how to start as you have no starting money for and any knowledge? You can’t develop any apps and yo are zero in Webdesign? We found some answers on Quora, some businessmen share their experience …

Start from services

Sandeep Chautan, Intel Fellow (Michigan)
Do not even think about a product issue – it requires more time and money (takes six months to a year from the date of implementation to cash). And do not say that you do not have any skills: for walking the dog must be a skill to work as a nanny – too. No need to be the technician to say that you have a special skill, because of the ability to build relationships with people – it is also a skill. with such skill you can, for example, create a recruitment agency. Find your strengths – is very important. When you find it, you will understand what kind of services you can provide. Do not try to be what you are not.

Find your clients!
Years ago 16 y.o. girls started with babysitting and when she collected enough money, she asked professionals to help her in website creation and business development- her dream was to organize a babysitting business. at the age of 18, she already had her babysitting agency in Canada.

Be more simple
You can go out and ask people what they want, and offer them such service…

Learn by the process
Alexander Rival Ronas, director-producer Games Balanced Worlds

It seems to me that it is difficult to find the perfect idea for a company if you are repelled by the thought “what I can do.” Instead, we should think about what you have is the soul, then many of the problems are beginning to find a solution. In the long term, this leads to success: you work, but do not feel at work.

Look at the great entrepreneurs of our time. Elon Musk did not invent the idea of Space Travel, thinking about what he can afford. He determined that he wants to do, and began to work for the realization of their dreams (by the way, he nearly went bankrupt in the process!).

My best form was the creation of the company. So that you too can try, for example, in e-commerce. The site on WordPress, through which you can receive payments, is free and without attracting developers. The locals have to offer something that you can sell. If you just start to act and you are lucky, you may find his life’s work.

Become web designer
David Seidman, on anti-virus manager in Microsoft programs

Learn how to program, learn HTML5. If you have a sense of style, learn more basics of graphic design. It will take about a month. Create a complex site for yourself – at the same time, you will practicing. Then become a freelance web designer. The cost of the beginning of this business tends to zero if you have a computer. A demand for such services is large enough. Also, if you have an idea of your own website or service, you can make it for free.

Resources for setting up a business can be money, charm, skill, ingenuity, education, confidence, communication, reliability, friends, loyalty, appeal, location, experience, motivation, talent, leadership skills, logic, etc.

We want to wish you luck in your education and starts

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