How to get new clients and make them regular buyers?

February 20, 2017

If you have your online store, or you offer some services…you need to have clients, who will get your offer not only ones, but you must make everything possible to keep them constantly, here we share how to do it.
If you have your own online store – offer good price and good quality.

1st at the start, you must be open and transparent with your customers if they don’t know how to use your goods, or they are new in this- spend your time and teach them, even by phone ….if will take not more than 20 minutes of your time, but your buyer will be thankful, and each time he will need something, he will call you back, even if your website will be down… he will keep your phone number and will make orders by Viber or what’s app

2nd- you must be available at any time of the day. Some of my big sales I did after 10 P.M.

3 rd- everyone likes to receive present and free stuff – keep some goods you can give for free… for example when my clients make big order – I say: I will place, this and this for free for you. PLUS I notice- for the next order I will make good discount! and of course, I always keep my word!
4th – Keep your clients in a group or public chat – where you can send announce about new arrivals and free things you can present to your buyers. I use snapseed for pictures, to make quick nice looking of the photos with my main offers and quick send to the group for business.

5th – Give guarantees for your goods, even if a producer don’t give, try to do your best you must have easy exchange and money back system! This will make a lot of trust to your shop and yourself! Reputation is very important in your business, the same I would say about services …

6th – Find a good delivery company who make fast delivery to another city for good price, and offer free delivery to their city let’s say if order more than 100$ – even if you pay the delivery, you will have your client 100%

7th – Care about nice packing – find someone who make nice packing, boxes, order plastic bags with your logo , other people who see your logo will check in Google about you.

8th – Payment- make all easy ! get accounts in the same banks, where the most your clients use, and open PayPal account for receiving payment.

9 th – be flexible in any case, your buyer must feel he-she is special! Always listen and try to help, in every possible way! All of us are humans we want simple in everything :)

10 - make a perfect landing page for your company for faster sales

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