How to open and organize your online shop for free

January 20, 2017

Find your niche 

Ask people what they would like to buy online, 
Some people says - they would be ready to buy handmade soap and similar goods
some searching for materials and equipment for beauty salons
some wish to buy food for animals or dress for animals. 

Register a company 

You have to check in your country in tax police what form of registation of the best for you 

Name your brand

Find a good name for your brand and choose a domain name it must be something easy to remember, and people must retell easy to others name of your site. 

Find your perfect platform 

I see many girls use such platforms as
Many shops also use such CMS  Open Cart - as it's easy to install and plenty of free and premium themes for open cart  - make it stylish and easy to navigate on the shop. 
Your clients must buy in max 3 clicks, if you can make in 1 click - even better!

Fill your products in the store

When you are ready to add your products always care about good description and photos
You can make them by yourself 
by using professional camera or if your phone has a good camera, use very good light and use such Androer
very useful for making photo of your small  goods perfect for jewellery or any small equippment

If you plan to sale something bigger make a nice background and ways to show your goods.. 

Don't forget to make also a landing page for your special goods where you can make immediate traffic, you can make a subdomain under mail domain name for your landing as it will be only one page  to make it stylish 

Promotion of your website and shop 

Create your page in Facebook , add your  account to Instagram, ask your friends to share your website with their friends, add in all social media
add rss aggregator 
add to google webmaster tools website sitemap 

For quick clients - you have to make advertisement on Google AdWords 


Hire some guy better young who is active and can go to the post to deliver your goods and make delivery in your area. someone honest and quick , without extra words to talk :) he mut make your orders :) 


Use accountant system to see your income and expenses for you and tax police , In Russia we use 1C - very useful programm, I don't know if there is English version too 

You can install it to your tablet or phone for your orders  
here is the example of this program

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