How to make money on photo stocks?

January 31, 2017

Do you like photography? you have a god camera and want to make extra money?

Well, we have a great news for you! You can sell your photos on photo stock websites, you have to choose where you want to sell them

There are,,

Register on the website and add your images there, by using relevant keywords, then moderators must approve your photos and you can start to sell your creative pictures.

The main rules of these websites

They accept pictures in .JPG format
The quality of pictures much be good, certain size and weight
If you have people on your images, you must have had release ( permission)
The light must be very good without glares

To make good money on photo stock websites you must take in account there are many professional photographers, so you must make a lot of high-quality pictures and you have to retouch them, find your own style, follow main trends, look what kind of pictures people need for their websites.Constantly fill your base of photos

Some professional photographers advise

To work with photostocks is necessary desire and love for photography. To really earn something should have a digital camera at least a minimum level. Before sending their pictures should definitely at least a little treat: remove superfluous, even out the light, add saturation, face retouch, if it is a model, etc. It is important to remember that photostocks- it is rather a pipeline than creativity, and the more to send – the more you can earn. But while you’re self-manage their time and itself decide when to work and when to rest. With regard to the requested topics, it depends on the season, such as Christmas and New Year pictures are sold in August. Now the pictures are relevant to the Day of St. Valentine, buy already spring and Easter. Children, for example, are always popular – it’s a plus for moms who are not afraid to put pictures of their kids.

A few reasons why now profitable to engage in photo business:

At the effluent pay in dollars (without any delay) as soon accumulate a certain amount.
Simply exam formalities (on Shutterstock).
Test speed has increased and the number of failures of new jobs decreased.
Photos can be sold many times, as opposed to the text of articles
With the development of online media and the popularity of beautiful photo content sinks are becoming increasingly popular.

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