How to cook faster?

January 19, 2017

 Before you start your masterpiece you should all prepare from the beginning
1 Peel vegetable and cut in small pieces- small pieces boil and grill much faster.

2 Prepare hot water in electric kettle- you will save a lot of time, plus potatoes should be cooked in boiled water, and potatoes keep all useful vitamins

3 Buy ready ingredients or prepare all from summer in your freezer.
If you have extra vegetable,keep them frozen, for winter time  you'll have fresh vegetables and berries at winter - kids adore sweet homemade drinks

4 While you cook your meat, you can cut vegetables and prepare sauce, in the over you can make other dish while you cook on gas stove

5 If you add a bit of salt into a water - it will boil faster

Cook with pleasure and do not forget that the most important ingredient in every dish - it is your good mood.

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