How easy to make money if you stay with kids at home?

January 19, 2017

When you stay at home with kids, you may be think how to get extra money by staying at home?
For exmple me I can work when my kid is sleeping, and I have few hours to work ...

1-  Today you can find many websites where you can place your add about your freelance job
 the link

2 - Sale anything you don't need on classified boards - such way you will get extra cash or make yu home more free , I sale such things that I never touch since months and also my daughter little things, that is too small for her already but in perfect condition.

3-  if you are able to do something with your hands - you can sale it in
very good place to sale goods fast, On you tube many online lessons of many things you can do by yourself. as na idea if you able to sew- you can make Beautiful baby bedding or anything you are able to

4 - Make your online store of any goods - it can be beauty things, for face, nails, hairs , girls buy a lot of things for beauty, as we are living in era when all girls has beauty addiction or baby things store , as all girls looking for something stylish for our kids everyday , and basically online , also every mother looking for new dress for her child every season... you can find suppliers and agree with them about collaboration.

5 - Organise your babysitting small business, or school for kids of painting or language, or anything you know...

6 - If you are good with design you can design dresses, tshirts, or anything

7 - website , app creation and development , For that you need just basic knowledge of website design or marketing, if you are good with programming- app creation have a great future.. an app you can sale or make money on.

8 -  Blogging - as far as I see today many moms makes money on their blogs - of course your content must be unique and very useful for many people. It can be any lesons, coulinary blog or anything you like,

9  Offer any kind of service in which  you are good. Services are always goes well , specially for good price.

Look also other options to start a business in 2017
and find more about business

Find how to organize your online store

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