The Best ever present you can make for your child in life ....

December 30, 2016

1 Health 

when we born all of us need to be healthy  and of course  start from your breastfeeding, if you id f big you can present equippment for sport , make a plan for your vinter activity with your kids

2-Good  Education 

Education in good universities and colleges cost a lot, so better if you start to save money now, before your kid finish the school. I do collect already ven my kid is only 6 month old, I have plenty of time :) to make her life better

3- How to manage money 

None of us know how to manage and spend money in the right way and how to collect them
Explain to your kid how to do it from now. For example,  when I was kid, I had no even idea how to collect them and how to grow them from let's say from 100$ to 1000$

4 - To be able to make things with hands 

This present is just a must!
Every man must know how to fix things at home and each girl much be able to make amazing dinner, not only for herself but also for her boyfriend and her future kids, may be your kid like to design and make something with hands.

5- Family Traditions 

Each xmas time and New year every kids know that Xmas three is a must, but you can simply make this day magic, by respect your parents, be careful and lovely with your children, make surprizes for yor family , may be little everyday

6 - Best friend 

Such a friend that will be there even if not for life, but his memory will always be with the child. A friend who will support and teach attentive to others, to explain what kindness and responsibility.

7- New impressions 

There are adults won't regret to see something new and the children all new vital. Children still only made up a picture of the world in which they live and grow up. The more you show your child, the more interesting it will be his world.

8- Independence 

The child, even if he only learned to walk, will have to grow up and break away from the father and mother. It is, in fact, is the main task of parents - to prepare the child for independent life. Such training begins at birth. Above it needs a lot of thinking and learn to properly act, but it's worth it.

9 - Self-Confidence 

No one knows exactly where it disappears and where does, but all of us from childhood. Bringing up self-confidence - the same problem of how to feed and clothe. That is, it will have to deal with constantly.

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