How to make a website on American technology ?

November 24, 2016

In August my friends went to the USA to meet local businessmen and marketing professionals and this December they will go again.

Americans spend their money and time in effective way - they are able to make from 3 oranges - 3 glass of fresh juice , as in Russia we would use 3 oranges and make only 1 glass of Juice

You are one person and you need to make a website- and you can make it without designer copywriter and programmer, in business what I've understood you can make a big and very amazing website if you have time and money to spend and of course inspiration ...

But if you need quick sales and calls - make landing page and send traffic to your landing page 

When I had my 1st business, with beauty equipment for permanent makeup , with good quality pictures , after I made a landing page , I've got more phone calls, than from big online store.

Now you can make landing page in 5  minutes without programmers and you make by  simple steps , by my own experience I've made 5 landing pages and I saw conversion for 8 - 10 %

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