How to make advertising on instagram

November 25, 2016

To advertise your business in Instagram and Facebook is really easy

You must have your account in Facebook, where you can create  a page or group , then facebook will offer you to advertise, you must link your card to the system

Create Campaign , there you will see options what you would like to do,  to send traffic to your website, or promote your page, after yo decide what you wish to do with promotion click on set budget and choose people who might be interesting in your products or services
After you have to make looking , choose a hight quality picture and make wow text and headings
You have to choose for Facebook and Instagram or just Instagram 

You have to choose what content you want to promote, video, or photo

1 secret - people react faster on faces of girls and kids, so while you create your advertisement, choose good pictures of girls, or child... better smiling face

2 nd secret - you can edit your pictures with Canva - it's online image editor where you can edit your pictures online   , it's even better than snapseed  in your phone... take more tools for yor marketing here

Then choose a page which you wish to promote , if your company has already Instagram account, you can link them together after you linked your both accounts, make a CALL TO ACTION TEXT

Carefully read what Facebook offer on every page and don't forget to click on add Instagram, then facebook will approve your add in 24 hours after your add will be visible in Instagram or other social networks you select.

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