How to be a great mom - only simple ways

November 23, 2016

There are plenty things to have a joy, to have a piece of cake made by mom, or a cup of perfect coffee or meeting your friends even for few minutes.

But the biggest happiness for me in this life is my kid, and I want to share with you simple ways to be a great mom for you kid

Be available for you kid 

Your children must be sure you are always there available for them ,and it doesn't mean if you have own life schedule, just be available by phone, or can see them
 Availability means you are open and you give yourself willingly– without regret.

 Be Lavish with Love for you kids

assure your kids are loved by you  even if they failed in something, always be open for physical or eye contact. Even if you have different point of view, make sure they know you love them unconditional.

Praise them

Children always need to be prised, doesn't matter their age. They will share their life with you and some moments which they wish to share only with you 

Be honest and fair with your kid

Never lie to your kid, be honest , even if he , she makes 

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