2 simple rules for good life

November 25, 2016

There are many people spend their time on wrong people... here is my 2 simple rules how to live happily

1st rule - in relations must be easy!

eEwith you since a long time. The girl which is interested in you much better, than the one who you must take to Maldives..
Easy means good- complicated means - bad - there is nothing to proove, it’s clear!

2nd simple rule -  Your relations must make you feel good and joy!
if your relations is not any more fun for you, you must stop them , as to be unhappy, we have no time for such life, to have angry face next to you every day.
Don’t get used to fights and broken plates , long talks, recriminations - that's the direct way to your hell!
one leave happiness from your relations- you must stop them, that simple...

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